FUNDAY Natural Sweets signs a multi-million dollar contract with Coles

FUNDAY Natural Sweets announces launch at Coles supermarkets across the country.

Australia’s leading natural confectionary brand, FUNDAY Natural Sweets proudly announced its launch at Coles supermarkets across the country being one of the first brands Coles has embraced, offering healthier treats for shoppers.

Founded by the lolly-fanatic Daniel Kitay in 2021, FUNDAY offers healthier versions of your favourite lollies bursting with all-natural, gluten-free flavours and no added sugars or sugar alcohols (those ingredients commonly found in sugar-free products that give a laxative effect).

Frustrated by the lacklustre selection of healthier treats in supermarkets, Daniel Kitay set out to create something special.

With the help of Australia’s top food scientists, nutritionists, and chefs, he spent countless hours perfecting his recipe. Finally, FUNDAY was born and the award-winning confectionary brand quickly gained a reputation for its high-quality, delicious treats. 

The demand for better-for-you confectionery is going to grow continuously, and FUNDAY Sweets is committed to surprising customers with new and exciting flavours. Once you taste the amazing natural flavours and gut-loving prebiotic ingredients that FUNDAY has to offer, you’ll never want to go back to the same old boring lollies again! 

FUNDAY’s core products, Fruity Snakes, Sour Peach Hearts and Raspberry Gummy Frogs are now available at Coles checkouts as the ultimate guilt-free impulse snack!

“I am delighted to announce that FUNDAY Natural Sweets is now available in Coles Supermarkets’ checkout section. Coles has shown its dedication to innovation by prioritsing the “better for you” product category,” said CEO of FUNDAY, Daniel Kitay. 

“We are excited to partner with Coles and introduce our range of delicious and better for you lollies, providing Coles customers with a delicious and healthy treat right at the checkout.

“We look forward to sharing the joy of FUNDAY and adding a bit of fun to Coles customers’ shopping experience.”

What sets FUNDAY apart from other sugar-free confectionery on the market is that it’s actually good for you, many sugar-free lollies use sugar alcohols like maltitol or sorbitol.

Whereas, FUNDAY uses natural ingredients like chicory root fibre, soluble fibre from tapioca and sweetens with stevia. And, best of all, FUNDAY is GMO-free! 

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