G.S. Italia automated lasagne lines available in Oceania

The company has more than 30 years experience in the manufacture of food processing and packaging equipment, for fresh, pasteurized and deep freeze food products, specialising in equipment and lines for sauces, salads, and specialist gourmet foods.

 With more than 25 successful installations around the world, the lasagne lines are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional hand-made options for producing lasagne as the machinery is able to maintain the ‘hand-made’ look of the lasagne and has a production speed of 300 to 1200 pcs/hour.

Available in both straight line or rotary configurations, semiautomatic or fully automatic, the machines can be custom designed to provide the smallest footprint possible, without compromising on the productivity. There are 2 dosing / filling units that dose the béchamel and ragout, an automated tray dispenser and the heated product storage tanks hold 100 litres. The unit is controlled by an electric board with a PLC.

The lasagne lines are designed to handle the complete production process; from the production of the dressings (meat sauce and béchamel) to the preparation and packing of the final products, ready for sale.

G.S. Italia is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging Technologies.

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