Gabriel Coffee partners with Jet Technologies for a fresh look

Gabriel Coffee partners with Jet Technologies for a fresh new look

Sydney coffee roaster Gabriel Coffee has given its branding a modern facelift with new packaging and machinery from Jet Technologies.

Founded in 2006 by Sam Gabrielian, Gabriel Coffee is one of Sydney’s most recognisable coffee brands.

Gabrielian has a unique insight into the needs of the end customer, having moved from managing his family café to roasting and learning the trade that laid the foundations for Gabriel Coffee.

“Gabriel Coffee started from an obsession with chasing the perfect cup of coffee and wanting suppliers to provide a consistent coffee product,” explains Gabrielian.

“Our consistency without compromise approach is what fuels the drive to deliver quality across all our coffees, techniques and relationships around Sydney and beyond.

“While the heart of Gabriel Coffee starts at our roastery, where all the magic happens, an important aspect of providing consistency without compromise to our customers is ensuring we have the right packaging,” he added.

“We need to be confident that our packaging will honour the hard work we put into creating our unique blends & speciality origin selections using the world’s best green coffee offerings. Sourcing green beans in blend harvest to harvest, as well as having the right packaging means we can promise our customers that the blend they receive will offer the same experience for the entire year.”

Gabriel Coffee currently roasts and supplies thousands of bags of coffee to over 100 cafes. Their focus is wholesale, however they do sell direct to consumers via the website and onsite retail space.

Gabriel Coffee regularly reviews the packaging it uses and recently made the decision to move to more modern packaging that would give the brand a fresh new look.

This involved transitioning to block bottom coffee bags with a new film and design, as well as investment in a Goglio G21 Coffee Packaging Machine that has automated the production and filling of the new bags.

“Goglio vertical form fill & seal machinery produces coffee packaging made to order, which equates to half the cost of premade coffee bags, with a wide range of laminate structures,” said Daniel Malki, director of Jet Technologies.

“The impeccable accuracy of the Goglio machine is an additional standout feature, particularly with its two-option dosing procedure, meaning coffee roasters can choose their dose size without over-filling their bags and forfeiting coffee supply.”

Being able to make coffee packaging to order using the Goglio G21 has also helped Gabriel Coffee take a flexible approach to refreshing its brand. It has allowed the business to over a six-month period refine its design through three different versions without facing any packaging wastage issues.

“The packaging is sturdy, offering the thickness and structure we need for our coffee product. Our customers love the new branding and how the bags sit on the shelf. And the customer service from Jet Technologies and Goglio has been outstanding, with someone even coming out from Italy to ensure we got everything up and running properly,” explained Gabrielian.

Gabriel Coffee uses the Goglio G21 to package four of the five total blends it roasts in both 250g and 1kg bags.

“With state-of-the-art roasting and packaging technologies, Gabriel coffee is now equipped to best meet the needs of its current customer-base, as well as to scale up for future growth. We’re excited to see where the Goglio machine takes them,” concluded Malki.

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