Garlicious Grown releases Gold Medal Winning Black Garlic Paste

Hundreds of renowned chefs are now using black garlic to add a wow factor to their menu and the ingredient continues to gain in popularity.

Hundreds of renowned chefs are now using black garlic to add a wow factor to their menu.

Black garlic provides a balance of umami and sweetness that explodes in your mouth with flavour.

Incredibly rich in flavour, this superfood gourmet ingredient can add decadence to almost any dish.

The versatility is remarkable. It’s brilliant on canapes, spread on steak, added to butter or pastas, partnered with cheese or eggs, flavouring sauce, or paired with chocolate.

It’s full of flavour, but not calories. It’s full of sweetness, but not added sugar. It’s the ultimate umami addition to a plant based meal to give it a kick of flavour.

Multi-award-winning Australian brand Garlicious Grown is excited to be launching their gold medal black garlic paste for food service. Now available in 1kg and 10kg portions.

After the enormous success the brand has had in retail, 2023 is the year for expanding partnerships with fantastic chefs.

Black Garlic is the result of a 30-day slow cook of fresh white Australian garlic. The end result is ready to bring that extra touch to any meal.

Black garlic paste meets the expectation of maximum convenience with maximum flavour in healthy food. It is a trending superfood, vegan, gluten free and high in antioxidants.

“Since launching our business in 2014 with our unique process and recipes, we’ve seen enormous success,” said a company spokesperson.

“Leading chefs and restaurants around the country including Rakesh Pillai from the International Convention Centre Sydney and John Leverink of the Boathouse, Canberra have incorporated our product into their dishes.

“It’s not just 5-star restaurants though – casual dining has added that particular umami flavour to stand out from the café crowd.”

Garlicious Grown Black Garlic founders Jenny and Cathy are passionate about helping Australian chefs access this healthy delicious superfood. To learn more visit

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