Gelatissimo’s new activated charcoal flavour

This week, Gelatissimo will be launching one of their most innovative gelato flavours of the year. With activated charcoal and coconut water being two of the biggest health food trends this year, Gelatissimo has come onboard with the craze and combined the two to make a deliciously delicate new limited edition called Coconut Ash.

As the weather heats up, the delicious sweet treat will be available in stores from Saturday to give you an alternative gelato flavour that not only tastes great, but boasts the popular ingredient that can give your body a boost.

With modern day living, comes the hard-to avoid environmental effects of pollutants, processed foods and toxins.

This gelato is made from refreshing coconut and raw cocoa beans, folded through with activated charcoal which experts claim can help cleanse the body and whiten the teeth.

Gelatissimo’s product development manager, Filiz Kaya said, “Developing new and unique flavours is always our goal and this new limited edition gelato is great for those wanting a really refreshing ‘on-trend’ treat”

Coconut Ash will be available from 30 September at Gelatissimo stores nationwide for a limited time only while stocks last (excludes locations: Darling Quarter and Wagga Wagga, NSW).


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