Get iodine back in children’s diets

Australian parents are blissfully unaware that their children could be lacking in one of the most important nutrients required for mental and physical development — iodine.

The nationwide survey from MILO showed that almost one in three (28%) Australian parents of children aged 17 years or younger have never heard about iodine in relation to diet and nutrition. Even among those who say they have heard of iodine in this context, lack of knowledge about the nutrient means nearly eight in ten (78%) parents don’t think about buying iodine rich foods for their family.

This is despite the fact that half (51%) of all parents surveyed said they think parents regularly try to make purchases for their children based on the nutritional content of food, suggesting further consumer education is required on the importance of iodine.

To help address the iodine gap, Nestlé has introduced MILO B-SMART, a new variant of MILO which contains essential nutrients, including iodine for mental development, focus and concentration. One glass contains 40% of a child’s recommended daily intake of iodine.

MILO B-SMART has 25% less sugar and fat than ordinary MILO and has the tick of approval from the National Heart Foundation.

Leading nutritionist Karen Inge and Celebrity Chef Darren Simpson are behind MILO B-SMART’s iodine awareness campaign and believe educating parents around iodine’s nutritional benefits is how to address the problem.

Inge says that “almost half of Australian primary school children are mild to moderate iodine deficient. Iodine is essential for growing children and plays a specific role in mental and physical development. It is vitally important that we ensure that children are getting enough iodine in their diet.

“Iodine is an essential nutrient for children’s development. It plays a specific role in normal mental development and ensures healthy physical development during those important growing years. There are lots of tasty and fun foods on the market with iodine in that your child will eat.”

Children’s Food Education Foundation ambassador, Darren Simpson, is leading the drive to make parents aware of iodine. “Giving children a head start with an iodine rich diet can be difficult as many children are fussy eaters and don’t enjoy traditional foods that contain iodine such as fish and seaweed,” says Simpson. “It’s important to make sure children get a balanced, healthy diet including their recommended allowance of iodine and other essential nutrients. MILO B-SMART is a tasty, convenient way of helping children get this. ” –


MILO B-SMART is a new healthy breakfast option that contains iodine and other vital ingredients for mental development, focus and concentration. MILO B-Smart also has 25%reduced sugar & fat and is approved by the National Heart Foundation.

MILO B-SMART is available in 240g RRP $4.49 and 420g RRP $6.89 Available at Woolworths, Coles and independent retailers nationally.

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