Get the real story on Costco

Industry leaders across the supply chain including the major retailers will be attending the 2009 Food and Beverage Executive Program at the Mt Eliza Executive Education Centre in Victoria.

There is also the opportunity to meet the leader of the new market entrant, Costco.

Costco managing director Patrick Noone, will speak on the Program and lead a site visit.

You may have heard him in the media recently, now is the chance to talk with him in person and visit the first Costco store in Australia.

The company has grown quickly since the early 1980s.

Today its total sales amount to well over 70 US billion dollars a year.

There is already a degree of brand awareness out there and Costco has made a good reputation in every country it operates in, don’t miss the opportunity to be the first to learn more about Costco in Australia. Registration fee: $5,500 plus $550 GST.

Registrations close on Friday 31st August 2009.

Please call Owen for a quick chat to find out if this Program meets your needs:

Anita Pike, Program Manager

Email: apike@streamwise.com.au

Owen Matheson 0403 826 530

Email: omatheson@streamwise.com.au

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