Giant Vegemite jar to rival the Big Banana

Vegemite announced it is launching a Vegemite museum in the shape of the iconic jar at its production factory in Port Melbourne.

One year on from convincing fans it had launched an energy drink called “iDRINK 2.1”; Vegemite has announced it will build a five-story museum in the shape of a Vegemite jar.

“In Australia, we have the Big Banana, the Big Pineapple and even the Big Prawn and Cod, so it only made sense to answer VEGEMITE devotees’ dreams and demands of a museum with The Big VEGEMITE Jar”, Mike Waddington, Mondelez General Manager Marketing – Foods said. “The museum will open on Australia Day 2016 so make sure to come down and celebrate with us”.

Announced on the company’s Facebook page, the post reads “Opening Australia Day 2016, The Big VEGEMITE Jar will be located at the "Home of VEGEMITE”, its production factory in Port Melbourne. Housing a five-story museum, the eye-catching sculpture will be visible in the Melbourne skyline at all times – sure to make everyone a HAPPY LITTLE VEGEMITE.

“Each level of The Big Jar will bring the 91-year old spread to life. Interactive exhibits will give VEGEMITE lovers the chance to explore the spread’s production, history, distribution and advertising.

“On the top floor, the 'Mitey Bite’ cafe will offer an almost 360° panoramic view of the city, allowing visitors to claim a free sample of “black and gold” and purchase a plethora of memorabilia, merchandise and VEGEMITE culinary creations.

“For years Aussies have requested access to the Port Melbourne factory and now, from various vantage points in The Big Jar, visitors will be given the chance to see where one of the world’s richest source of B vitamins is made.”

Vegemite accompanied the post with a blueprint of the museum from “Mon Del Architects” with an “approved” stamp sated Jan 11, 2015.

Last year, Vegemite's April Fools’ announcement was shared over 5000 times on Facebook and was followed up by a post which reads “April Fools! We won’t be swapping your Vegemite on toast for an energy drink anytime soon!”


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