On The Shelf

Gingin produces gin

His small tin shed distillery only opened in 2016, but James Young has already won back-to-back Distillery of the Year titles at Australia’s most prestigious spirit competition. With that enviable title under his belt, the Perth local is about to see his lifelong dream become a reality; the opening of brand-new distillery in Gingin, and the launch of a world class gin of the same calibre that earnt Old Young’s the highest accolade possible at the Australian Distilled Spirit Awards in 2017 and 2018.

“The flavour of Gingin Gin is a modern classic, which Australia does so well. It’s east meets west, Mediterranean meets exotic. Deep juniper notes and a citrus finish with a bergamot and elderflower like nose. And while we have sourced the absolute best local ingredients for this gin from Gingin, we have also scoured the world for the very best ingredients: our classic ingredients include Tuscan juniper, Spanish coriander, and German angelica, while our exotics include liquorice from China, Ti Kwan Yin (Green Tea) from Sri Lanka, and almond from Egyp,” said Young.

The bottle design was created by Stranger and Stranger, New York, one of the world’s most awarded design agency that specialises in wine and spirits. With an Aussie designer as part of the team, the spirit of Australia was definitely captured. The bottle design is inspired by a corrugated iron tank, and the label a plethora of Australian design references – including newspapers, old stamps and landmarks of Gingin including the iconic water wheel.


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