Global packaging market expected to reach $329 billion in 2012

New research indicates that the global food and drink packaging market will have a value of $329 billion in 2012, according to a new report from Visiongain.

The main driving forces behind this growth are increasing environmental awareness amongst consumers, gentrifying societies and consumer’s busy lifestyles.

One of the areas for growth are emerging markets, where higher incomes per capita and increasing urbanization are giving people in these markets access to a greater range of packaged foods and drinks than ever before.

This is contrasted with developed markets which are unlikely to experience strong growth due to economic uncertainty in many countries and a saturation of these markets.

In addition, many developed markets are seeing a consumer backlash against excessive, environmentally-unfriendly packaging as movements promoting more natural, sustainable food habits continue to gain momentum.

Read more about the report at Visiongain


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