Global product manager for SIAT Italy heads to Australia for AUSPACK

Carol Pignatelli, global product manager, stretch wrapping machines and tools, SIAT, Italy will be heading to Australia for the first time in March to assist exclusive agent CPS launch the new SIAT ProWrap at AUSPACK 2019.

According to Rosa Stroszynski, Managing Director of CPS, “having Carol Pignatelli on the CPS stand at AUSPACK is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Australia and New Zealand manufactures to be introduced to the new SIAT ProWrap by the leading global expert in stretch wrapping solutions.

“No one better understands the new SIAT ProWrap stretch wrapping solution like Carol and having her here with us in March will enable visitors to the stand to ask all the detailed questions they may have about features, benefits, return-on-investment and even about the inner-workings of the system.” Strosynski said.

Carol Pigantelli added that she is excited about coming to Australia for the first time and welcomes the opportunity to show visitors the SIAT ProWrap.

“As I personally worked on the design and development of the SIAT ProWrap I have the ability to be able to speak to all of its unique and innovative features. The SIAT ProWrap is a PLC programmable stretch wrapping solution with fully-automatic wrapping cycle,  Industry 4.0 capabilities, fast pallet processing, the unique capabilities to optimise and track accurate film consumption and increased stability of wrapped loads,” Pigantelli said.

“The SIAT ProWrap has the ability to track film consumption and increase film cost-savings. The ProWrap offers a variable pre-stretch up to 400%, increase the stability of the wrapped load, the option of having different amounts of film in different areas of the pallet, higher savings in films and the assurance of protecting the load during transportation and avoid wasting film. The Industry 4.0 concept of the new ProWrap makes it extremely easy to find the best transit packaging solution suitable for each kind of product and to add value to your business.”

Pignatelli added that the ProWrap is a safety-driven solution for businesses.

“With production space optimisation an important issue in all manufacturing plants the exclusive new detection area scanner of SIAT ProWrap has been designed to guarantee higher safety standards and the smallest machine footprint. Thanks to its 3 alarm zones and leading-edge software, the machine calculates a correct safety distance and stops immediately in case of the nearest point of operation hazard.”

“I welcome the opportunity to explain the journey that SIAT went on to design this innovative solution for the global market and I will happily let visitors experiment with the machine, work with it and have the ability to see the safety features and design details first-hand,” Pignatelli said.

Carol Pignatelli will be available for appointments to see the new SIAT ProWrap on the CPS stand during AUSPACK. CPS are the exclusive agent for SIAT carton sealers and wrappers in Australia and New Zealand.

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