Gluten Free Grain Free range wins industry health award: video

Taking home the Food magazine Health and Wellness award for 2013 is Gluten Free Grain Free's Food for Everybody – Cake Premixes range.

The company's founder, Tania Hubbard, says that the Cake Premixes range is an Australian first and the ultimate allergen-free offering as it's gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free and dairy-free. The range is also free of preservatives and additives while being high in nutrient-dense ingredients.

The new range is hand-milled in a dedicated gluten-free and grain-free production space on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and comprises flavours including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, date & cinnamon and ginger, with a completely sugar-free variety currently being finalised.

The product consists of organic coconut flour, organic pumpkin seeds, coconut sugar and organic spices and has been made to bake like a normal every day cake.

The Cake Premixes offer a fantastic solution for the school system where children and staff are often required to eat nut-free food. The range is also as a great tasting treat for celiac- or gluten-intolerant children.

Gluten Free Grain Free was founded four and half years ago as one of Australia's first gluten-free and grain-free cafes. Hubbard says that it was in this cafe that the business completed its market research for their winning product range.

"In that cafe we did probably about 1,000 blind tests on this particular product and we developed it with our customers in mind," said Hubbard. "Now here we are four and a half years on, and winning a totally cool award."

Sustainability is also a key feature of Gluten Free Grain Free's business model. The company uses Fair Trade raw ingredients where possible, employs local designers and printers for its recycled, recyclable labels and packaging and also negates the use of glue in its packaging.

Although the company has plans to export its products to New Zealand and European markets, at this stage, Gluten Free Grain Free is focusing on firmly establishing itself in the Australian market, after which the company will assess export opportunities.

In keeping with the company's innovative nature, Hubbard explains that Gluten Free Grain Free's next product will satisfy her personal goal of making an almost entirely allergen-free product.

"At the moment I'm working on, gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, dairy-free, yeast-free bread. It's my goal to cover all of the allergens but it is still food for everybody, it's completely about eating great food that's good for you."



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