Going native

Australian Produce Company is promoting unique native food through an active marketing campaign.

According to general manager, Anne Osborne, the company launched its new name in January after changing from Boofanugs and Tanamera Native Products, and has had strong international interest since.

“We’re certainly attracting interest from all over the world with a consistent stream of inquiries from Canada, Germany, Austria, the UK, NZ, you name it,” Osborne said.

“We’re hoping to add to our large customer list across Australia.”

Osbourne said that native Australian foods have intense flavours that are spectacular when prepared the right way, and her favourite is the finger lime.

“Finger limes are obviously similar to the Tahitian limes we’re used to, but there’s a more peppery flavour inside, with pearls of flavour like caviar that come in different colours.

“I also love lemon myrtles, which are well known, as well as wattle seed, which kind of has a mocha flavour.

“And the number one thing is that these are truly Australian in that they are indigenous and not an introduced crop like lemons or wheat — they’re not just grown here but this is where they come from.”

Osborne plans to increase contacts with restaurants and retail under the new name, with Australian Produce Company products already available at West End restaurant Tukka.

There have been several studies into the high vitamin C and antioxidant content of some native Australian fruits, but official results have yet to be released.

Australian Produce Company employs anywhere up to 20 people at any given time, but work is seasonal.

— Courier Mail

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