Gold Peg is ready to showcase innovation at foodpro 2021

Gold Peg

Gold Peg managing director, Simon Donnelly speaks to Food and Beverage Industry News about the company’s role in the Australian market. 

Food processing experts Gold Peg are taking the opportunity to showcase the company to the Australian market at the 2021 foodpro trade show in Sydney this October.  

Donnelly said Gold Peg was excited to share new innovations developed by the company and its new German parent company, Natec Hochland.  

“At foodpro we will actually be showing some equipment which is very unusual for us. We will be taking a small research and development skid of our RotaTherm continuous cooker. This is where we started continuous cooking, with this flexible and dynamic system which continues to provide innovative solutions to food processing,” said Donnelly.  

 “It will be the centrepiece for our foodpro stand, but our real focus there will be to reengage with the Australian market 

“Australia hasn’t previously been a big market for us because we had been focused on large scale continuous cooking and most of our customers have been overseas in places like America, Europe, Japan, but now it has changed with our broadened equipment range which includes multiple batch cooker technologies.”  In addition, our history has been with dairy but now has expanded significantly to include a diverse range of products ranging from sauces and mayonnaise through to pet food and meat defatting processes. 

Gold Peg
Gold Peg will show off newest innovations at foodpro 2021.

Donnelly said Gold Peg’s unique position, offering Australian machinery manufactured to the most demanding of German standards, is a big selling point for the company going forward.  

“That’s really our focus, to show the Australian market that here on their doorstep is a company that offers a full range of equipment able to produce a broad range of different products, different capacities, different processes, and we can almost be like a one-stop-shop for production rates starting as low as 100 kg/h,” said Donnelly. 

Donnelly said the diversity in production created by its partnership with Hochland was something Gold Peg was keen to take advantage of.  

“One real advantage we have here is that our parent company, Hochland, a large dairy company in Europe, provide the best R&D facility you could ask for because they are a very demanding but very innovative in wanting high class machinery,” said Donnelly. 

“It ensures your machinery utilises the most advanced technologies and obviously the highest qualities in build and sanitary requirements.”  

Gold Peg is also looking to change the narrative around only being a continuous cooking system specialist.  

“We are known within some markets for our continuous cooking systems, but we don’t want to be pigeonholed like that,” said Donnelly. 

“We want the market to know that no matter the size of the company, where they are at in their business cycle, be it just an idea right through to looking to build a new factory, we can join them and help them with a range of solutions from our batch and continuous cooking portfolio.” 

“I think foodpro is a good opportunity for us to share this and show we offer high-quality Australian equipment that is totally accessible here, in Australia now.”  

Gold Peg
Gold Peg offers the Australian market a new project approach.

Donnelly said many companies within Australia were reaching a point where some machinery is due for upgrades, and Gold Peg can offer new equipment with real innovation.  

“Companies are still making their products, but a lot of the plants and machinery is quite old in Australia, so a lot of companies are looking to upgrade to try and improve their processes to help make more money,” said Donnelly.  

“Where we see our niche is being able to offer truly innovative products that can support the market,” 

The company hopes foodpro will give it the opportunity to showcase this innovation firsthand. 

“We have some new approaches to processing that really are innovative and provide a lot of advantages to the end users and that’s what we are going to be sharing at foodpro,” said Donnelly.  

“We want to encourage a dialogue around our innovative products and how our leading-edge equipment can help the customer get head and stay ahead within the industry.” 

A new piece of technology being offered from Gold Peg is a magnetic emulsifier, the M4E.  

“This is used for making emulsions or dispersions, for example mayonnaise and cream cheese, and traditionally they require high shear mechanical action,” said Donnelly. 

“What the M4E technology offers, is the ability to create emulsifications or dispersions using a magnetic field so there is no requirement for high powered mechanical devices and all their associated running costs. 

“Utilising this magnetic technology is a truly innovative process and something we think will be of a lot of interest in Australia.” 

Gold Peg also offers support to clients in optimising projects outcomes from the initial discussions and continues after the installation of its products on site.  

“Remote monitoring and assistance are a critical part of our portfolio and we are developing more after sales support products in this area.  This can include operational enhancements or predicative maintenance data as well,” said Donnelly. 

These and other innovations from Gold Peg can be found at stand D1 at 2021 foodpro trade show being held at the Sydney Showground from October 10 to 13.  


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