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Good Food Partners breathes new life into Freedom cereals

Good Food Partners

Good Food Partners has completely relaunched its Freedom brands, including Freedom Classic and a new Freedom Oats range, 14 months after the cereals and snacks division of the brand was acquired by the Arnott’s Group to form part of new business unit, Good Food Partners. 

The brand has reformulated much-loved Freedom classics like XO Cocoa Crunch and Corn Flakes, and introduced new flavours like Active Balance Almond & Cashew Multigrain Flakes and Honey Flake Crunch. The new Freedom Classic range incorporates the red Freedom banner, great tasting new recipes, strong health credentials and re-designed packaging. 

Good Food Partners managing director, Chris Diver, said he’s proud of how they have reinvigorated the Freedom brand in a way that rings true to Freedom’s strong and loyal consumer base, while appealing to a much broader set of consumers aspiring to eat better. 

“The Freedom brand has existed on the Australian food scene for three decades and has always had a strong and loyal brand following, particularly from gluten intolerant consumers,” Diver said. 

“Our acquisition of the brand has enabled us to apply the Good Food Partners commitment to high quality ingredients and best practice manufacturing in order to grow the brand’s market share and attract new consumers. We have already invested significantly in research & development and manufacturing capabilities so as to continue to grow the Freedom brand, as we strive to become a leading player in the cereals and snack bar market.” 

General manager of Innovation & Growth, Honi Cervi, said Good Food Partners was excited about how the new range would transform the category, with a strong pipeline of products yet to come. 

“Traditionally, ‘free-from’ products were banished to health food stores,” Cervi said. “Today, we’re proud to be making these products more accessible for the 12 per cent of Australians avoiding gluten for some reason or another, while also increasing the options for those who are gluten intolerant.” 

The full Freedom Cereals range are made in Australia and contain a Health Star Rating of four or more stars. They are all gluten free and can be found in all major grocery retailers between now and July. 

Good Food Partners recently relaunched the Messy Monkeys and Arnold’s Farm brands, and introduced a new low gluten oat range, Freedom Oats. They expect to relaunch Heritage Mill in the coming weeks. 


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