Good & Fugly delivers misshapen, nutritious fruit and veg to Australians

Good & Fugly

Good & Fugly, a newly launched Australian grocery delivery service, is the first of its kind nationwide that rescues wonky, quirky and misshaped fruit and veg and delivers curated seasonal boxes fresh to consumers’ doors. 

With up to 25 per cent of all Australian produce not even leaving the farm due to their imperfect appearance, Good & Fugly is on a mission to make saving the planet affordable, convenient and delicious. 

Every box is filled with fresh, seasonal produce direct from farmers and bundled with loving care. What’s in the boxes varies from week to week, but the team aims to include staples like potatoes, onions and leafy greens in every order. 

Good & Fugly deliveries are rapidly expanding across the greater Sydney region and consumers across Australia are being encouraged to register their fugly fruit and veg interest via the website, so the team knows where to expand its offering next. 

“We want Good & Fugly to be a nationwide offering, we can see the waste issue and we know consumers are keen to make a positive impact by jumping on board the fugly revolution,” Good & Fugly founder Richard Tourino said. 

“We’re also encouraging farmers to get in touch with us so their quirky, misshaped produce doesn’t go to waste.” 

The Good & Fugly fruit and veg may be quirky in appearance, but it doesn’t impact its nutritional value – meaning consumers can eat well and fight food waste at the same time. 

“I was raised in country Queensland and have a thing about waste,” clinical nutritionist Cailie Ford said. 

“What I love about Good & Fugly is that they’re fighting waste and delivering value in a way that can change eating habits for the better, quite easily. Each box has so many possibilities from quick snacks for the kids to more complex dishes. 

“And each box brings fun back to the kitchen. Making cooking and eating enjoyable is so important for healthy habits at home.” 

“Most people would not know that a quarter of fruit and veggie produce never leaves the farm simply because it is considered ‘ugly,’” NSW Circular CEO Lisa McLean said. 

“It tastes great and people want to eat it, but this narrow view of quality food is contributing to unnecessary and significant wastage. In fact, three per cent of Australia’s carbon emissions come from organic waste – so it’s fantastic to see programs like Good & Fugly unlocking delicious new produce markets, while reducing waste and carbon emissions. 

“We hold enormous power in the choices we make as consumers, supporting these types of businesses and initiatives will drive wider systemic change towards a circular and sustainable future where we design out waste and appreciate the true value of produce that is grown and products that are made,” she said. 

Good & Fugly Pricing: 

  • Small Fruit & Veg Box – RRP: $39 (incl. delivery) – Feeds up to 2 people for 4-5 days 
  • Large Fruit & Veg Box – RRP: $59 (incl. delivery) – Feeds up to 5 people for 4-5 days 

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