The Good Sort – the snack for women on the go

Made in Australia and founded in 2018, The Good Sort is an all-natural Go-To Meal or snack packed with quality ingredients alongside organic vitamins and minerals.

Naturopathically blended, The Good Sort is free from added sugar, fillers, artificial colours or flavours, delicious in taste, and offered in a convenient shake designed for women on the go.

Available in both plant and dairy-based proteins over a range of eight exciting flavours, The Good Sort was created for women by women to gain better health, balance, instincts and self-confidence. Formulated and tested by nutritionists and naturopaths, the premium formula is designed to work at any time of the day when you most need a boost.

The Good Sort is blended with hand-picked, high-quality ingredients including 14 organic vitamins and minerals, patented probiotics, prebiotic fibre, digestive enzymes and MCT, that target specific health benefits to balance your body and keep you energised for longer. The Dairy Protein range comes in five delicious flavours including chocolate, vanilla, coffee, Strawberry and Banana. They also come in a unique perforated dual sachet, so you can choose between having a full meal or a half-serve, or create your own flavour blends, whilst enjoying the same benefits activated from its all-natural ingredients. The Plant Protein range comes in Naked as well as Cocoa & Wildberry flavours and contains a complete protein blend to sustain your energy and help you feel full for longer. Simply mix the dairy blend with 250ml of cold water or the plant blend with your favourite non-dairy milk, shake or blend it and enjoy.

Lee Holmes, holistic food and nutrition coach and best-selling author of the Supercharged Food Series, says there are many benefits to the general health of women.

“Wellness is not about deprivation or punishment. It’s about awareness and the power to choose a lifestyle with good foods and exercise that feels right for you. I think once you make that mental shift and decide it’s more about optimum health than weight loss, your body will respond naturally. It’s hard to find a snack or Go-To-Meal like The Good Sort® that is packed with all the key ingredients women need on a daily basis to help sustain energy but one that’s also satisfying and delicious.”