Goulburn Valley gets the tick of approval

With research showing over half of Australians are not eating their recommended two servings of fruit per day; Goulburn Valley has announced a new health initiative, in the hope of encouraging Australians to eat more fruit.

Having met the Heart Foundation’s strict nutritional standards, Goulburn Valley is the first to obtain the Tick of approval on can and fridge pack ranges of fruit. To celebrate this great achievement the brand will soon introduce the iconic Tick logo on their 825g and 1kg packaging, along with other nutrient claims, which had not been previously communicated.

“Despite the improvement in Australia’s fruit consumption it is disappointing to see that 50 per cent still need to eat that second serve. I hope incorporating the Tick on Goulburn Valley will help consumers recognise it as a healthy, tasty and convenient fruit option,” comments APD leading nutritionist and sports dietician Karen Inge.

The Heart Foundation Tick helps consumers identify healthier products within a category and is one of the most trusted sources of nutritional information. The Heart Foundation recognises that Goulburn Valley fruit provides a nutritious and convenient alternative to fresh fruit. Packed full of essential nutrients to sustain energy throughout the day, fruit plays an important role in maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.

“The Heart Foundation recognises that eating your daily recommended intake of fruit is an important part of a healthy eating plan, and not always easy to achieve. We are pleased Goulburn Valley has the Tick — we hope this will make it easier for Aussies to eat their two serves of fruit a day and have a positive impact on their wellbeing,” comments Food Supply Operations Manager Coral Colyer.

Goulburn Valley fruit is a quick and convenient option, locking in essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre — as nature intended. Low GI and free of preservatives, artificial flavours and sweeteners, the Goulburn Valley range is available from all major supermarkets nationally.

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Goulburn Valley

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