Government releases strategic plan for one of Australia’s main water sources

The Great Artesian Basin Strategic Management Plan has been released and brings in new technical knowledge, better sustainable water resource management practices, and changing social and political contexts to build on the success of the first Strategic Management Plan of 2000, according to the authors.

There is also a focus on aligning Basin management more closely with nationally agreed strategies and frameworks, including the National Water Initiative.

The Great Artesian Basin is an indispensable national asset that we must manage carefully and cooperatively.

Everything from mining and pastoral concerns to traditional Aboriginal practices and natural ecosystems rely on this water resource.

This new Plan reflects extensive public consultation and collaboration across jurisdictions to sustain all these needs.

The ensures the Basin’s economies and communities succeed and its distinct environmental, cultural and heritage values are enhanced into the future.

With this approach, there can be greater certainty for farmers, traditional owners, businesses and communities who rely on the Basin.

A new Great Artesian Basin Stakeholder Advisory Committee will be established this year to advise on whole-of-Basin policies and initiatives. We will be seeking expressions of interest for this Committee soon.

Approximately 22 per cent of Australia’s land mass sits atop the Great Artesian Basin. It is a critical water resource for much of inland Australia’s farming stock and other agricultural needs.

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