GPS trackers in chocolate wrappers: clever or creepy?

In an unprecedented and revolutionary marketing move, Nestle has embedded GPS trackers into chocolate bar wrappers so that it can find and surprise competition winners.

The somewhat creepy advertising campaign “we will find you,” shows military-like operations which deploy the bearers of good news to the unsuspecting winners.

The promotion, which is currently only being run in the UK, is an example of the new ways companies are embracing technology to create marketing campaigns that stand out.

When a customer opens a winning wrapper, the GPS navigator inside notifies the prize team, who then track the person down within 24 hours to deliver a cheque for £10 000.

"Inside six lucky packs, there will be a GPS enabled bar which, when the winner pulls the tab, notifies the prize team who will leap into action locating the winner within 24 hours,” Nestle explained.

A Nestle spokesman added that "inside their wrappers, the GPS-enabled bars looked just like normal chocolate bars."

And the global food giant isn’t stopping there with its UK promotion, also using the QR Code craze to encourage consumers to engage with the brand.

About 3000 posters feature a QR code, which when scanned with a smartphone, directs the person to a competition on the company’s website, whereby they can win £10 instantly.

The website will also tell consumers how many of the six £10 000 chocolate bars are still available.

Graham Walker, Nestlé UK's trade communications manager said the company is looking to tap into a new market, using unexpected measures.

"We believe this promotion will particularly appeal to men, attracting them to the chocolate singles category and thus driving incremental sales,” he said.

"Nestlé Confectionery is delighted to be first to market with this highly innovative GPS based promotion."

Check out the video below, and tell us…do you think this is entirely creepy and stalker-like, or is this marketing genius?



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