Grain imports to Japan set to rise following the earthquake

Already the largest corn buyer, Japan will likely be set to increase its grain imports in the wake of the most severe earthquake and tsunami devastation in the country’s history.

A massive tsunami swept in upon the Northern coast, following the 8.9 magnitude quake on Friday, flooding farmland and ruining grain depots. Now, as the clean up process begins, maintaining a food and clean water supply has become of crucial importance.

The U.S. Grains Council has released a statement claiming early reports show that the combined force of the earthquake and tsunami has significant damage to large numbers agricultural facilities and production areas within Japan.

“Some ports in northern Japan, Kushiro, Hachinohe, Ishinomaki and Kashima, were hit by the tsunami. We’ve heard some feed mills and livestock operations have also been damaged by the tsunami. Those facilities were not severely damaged by the earthquake itself but were affected by the tsunami,” said Tommy Hamamoto, USGC director in Japan.


Image courtesy of www.news.com.au

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