Green energy plant praised for food processing potential

A green energy initiative by Japanese processor NH Foods at Oakey Beef Exports in Australia has been praised for its environmental and business efficiency model from food producers around the globe.

Opened by Australian Federal Industry and Science Minister Ian Macfarlane, the COHRAL plant extracts methane biogas from waste water streams to replace the costly natural gas that consumes millions of dollars in Queensland’s Darling Downs.

Biogas Technician at Oakey Beef Exports in Queensland, Katy Hawkins said “It is refreshing to see that such an established business has the foresight to decrease its’ environmental footprint. Globally, businesses are no longer in the position where infrastructure and productivity can be advanced without taking note of the damage it is causing the environment. It is especially exciting that this system is an Australian first.”

Producing approximately 183.3 gigajoules of energy a day when reaching design capacity through combusting methane, the plant delivers high quality waste water by extracting organic content that is later converted into methane to replace fossil fuels.

The plant is expected to deliver additional benefits which include reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved quality of wastewater and greatly reduced odour emissions.

Hawkins said she was delighted to get the opportunity to be involved with the project, which involves an advanced user-friendly GWE SCADA-based control system operated by one person.

Global Water Engineering technology has been proven to work in a variety of livestock, crop and beverage production facilities and can be applicable to any industry with an organic waste stream. 

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