Growers establish new Australian juice label

 Citrus growers will launch a new 100 per cent Australian grown fruit juice label by the end of the year.

It comes as growers say existing labels are misleading, and may make it difficult for consumers to find actual Australian juice, according to ABC Rural.

Judith Damiani, head of Citrus Australia, said these labels mean the public will not have to read the fine print to know their juice is Australian made.

It is very difficult there are many, many products on the shelf and not only in the refrigerated section but in the ambient side as well," she said.

"So many different products and it is very difficult to tell what is Australian and what’s imported.

"Made in Australia is a little bit of a looser term, where they can actually bring in imported juice and transform it and manufacture it here in Australia and add a little bit of local content or whatever and still call it made in Australia."

The new label comes a few months after the group launched the Farmer Fightback Campaign, which focused on getting the Australian consumer to buy home grown oranges.


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