Growth in organic baby food

In the adult food market, a trend towards healthier, more natural products is evident from the emergence of new product ranges on the shelf that boast “no preservatives”, “fat free” and “organic”.

The same is true of the baby food market.

The baby grocery market, excluding formula, is currently worth over $105,000 in Australia with organics comprising 15%, according to Woolworths.

A Woolworths’ spokesperson commented that the trend away from over-processed foods has allowed for the introduction, and growth, of the organics sector.

“Other manufacturers have seen this trend and moved their mainstream products to a natural base, therefore adding the same nutritional content (no additives) as premium organic products but without the price tag,” commented the spokesperson.

The growth of organic baby food is unsurprising as there is a perception that produce grown in the presence of chemicals could be potentially harmful for a baby.

“The total wet organic baby food has experienced a growth of 37% for the quarter,” a Heinz spokesperson comment.

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