Grundfos: Driving the food transformation together


The food and beverage industry is in the middle of a transformation driven by the need for more sustainable, efficient, and digital manufacturing. With Grundfos, there’s already a way to reach these goals together.  

We partner with our customers across dairies, soft drinks, breweries, and food processing to optimise their facilities by applying the full potential of intelligent solutions. 

GrundfosEvery day, we are driving towards more sustainable, efficient, and smarter food and beverage production – without compromising the safety and quality that our world relies on. 

See how Grundfos’ accuracy and reliability helped a craft brewer in its water quality control.

Consistency is paramount in brewing operations to ensure every beer tastes the same. Grundfos provided a Reverse Osmosis skid system, to support MadTree Brewing’s new and expanded production facility, while ensuring its water quality control. 

For a craft brewer focused on quality water, Grundfos solved for accuracy and reliability.


Consistency is paramount in brewing operations. Careful attention to water quality control ensures every beer tastes the same everywhere it’s distributed. This is especially true for MadTree Brewing, Ohio’s first canned craft brewer. Since the company’s inception in 2013, reverse osmosis (RO) has been used for all its process water. 

Reverse osmosis can customise the water source, a critical process in producing MadTree’s critically acclaimed portfolio of beers. From a German Kölsch to a French Saison, each beer maintains a consistent mineral profile and an accurate brewing water profile. 

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