GS1 Australia acquires digital asset provider, DLibrary

GS1 Australia has acquired DLibrary – Australia’s traditional market leader in digital product photography, online hosting and distribution services – from PMP Digital.

Maria Palazzolo, GS1 Australia’s Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer said, “The acquisition is aligned with GS1 Australia’s mission to provide suppliers, retailers and industry with a state of the art solution to manage and share high quality product images and accurate consumer facing product data with trading partners.

“Our strategic mission statement also reflects the vision of GS1 Global to establish the GS1 Cloud as the largest source of trusted product data in the world, making it possible for businesses to meet the expectations of today’s digital world.”

The DLibrary customer base and digital asset library will be merged into GS1 Australia’s Smart Media platform providing retailers and many other Smart Media subscribers with a much wider range of data and digital content at one central location.

“The acquisition of DLibrary also complements the recent Smart Media enhancements to meet Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) requirements, as well as the expanded Smart Media Content Creation service powered by Brandbank, a Nielsen Group company, to bring local legal compliance and international best practice within the Smart Media service,” added Palazzolo.

“An enhanced Smart Media is for the benefit of GS1 Australia members of all sizes, including the small local brand owner right up to large multi-nationals. We believe that the acquisition of DLibrary, together with the other enhancements, will position Smart Media as the leading solution for providing digital content to Australian industry.”

For many years, GS1 Australia and DLibrary have worked collaboratively to drive industry standards in digital photography, and beyond the acquisition, both companies will continue to work in partnership on digital content projects. This collaboration will provide GS1 Australia members and Smart Media customers with a range of value added services around creative content and production including stylised photography, CGI, video, social, digital and print.

Stephen Cuthbert, General Manager at PMP Digital Pty Ltd said, “We are excited about the sale of DLibrary to GS1 Australia and will work with GS1 to successfully transition all of our customers to the Smart Media service over the coming months. We also look forward to continuing our strong relationship with GS1 Australia and combining our expertise to deliver expanded digital solutions for the Australian industry.”


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