GS1 Australia signs agreement with new partners

A deal between two companies allows for GS1 customers to import their data onto the Glow platform.

Inline research and insights platform Glow has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GS1 Australia, as well as a separate agreement to become a GS1 Associate Alliance Partner.

The MoU was signed by Tim Clover, director, Glow Australia and Mark Fuller, chief operating officer and deputy CEO at GS1 Australia, to formalise the partnership roadmap for integrating GS1 Australia’s Smart Media solution with the Glow platform for the benefit of GS1 members.

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“The MoU signing symbolises a partnership that we believe will lead to many opportunities for GS1 members to leverage Glow’s customer insight ecosystem to grow product lifecycle ROI. We now provide GS1 members with a simple method for importing their product data into the Glow platform,” said Clover.

The Glow platform makes it easier to collect, understand and use data to make more informed decisions.

It combines self-service research tools with off-shelf insights publications to provide value to a broad range of business users in a common, accessible format.

“The integration of the Glow platform with Smart Media, our digital marketing solution, will provide exceptional benefits to our members,” said John Hearn, head of data and digital content services, GS1 Australia.

“As 70 per cent of our members are small- to medium-sized businesses, access to the Glow platform will make consumer insights available at an affordable price, compared to other market research methods.”

Following the signing of the MoU, Glow also entered the GS1 Alliance Partner Program as an Associate Alliance Partner on Tuesday.

“Our entry into the GS1 Australia Alliance Partner Program as an Associate Alliance Partner signifies our commitment to providing GS1 members with products and services. This includes online surveys, which will provide brand owners and manufacturers with direct feedback from consumers about packaging appeal, shopper behaviours, intent to buy and much more,” said Glover.

“We welcome Glow into the Alliance Partner Program with an affordable solution to help our GS1 members positively influence their new product development projects. It will also help with the launch of new products with easy access to consumer insights,” said Sean Sloan, GS1 Australia’s manager – business development and partnerships.

“We are excited to enter into these strategic partnerships with GS1 Australia to support and help local GS1 members to grow their businesses and reach their potential through research and data available on the Glow platform,” added Clover.


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