GS1 Australia signs multi-year contract with 1WorldSync

Supply chain standards organisation, GS1 Australia has entered into a multi-year agreement with certified data pool provider, 1WorldSync to provide GS1’s Australian and New Zealand supplier and data recipient user base with a new ‘next generation’ platform for the advanced delivery of the GS1net Australasia data pool – part of the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN).

GS1 Australia’s CEO, Maria Palazzolo said that she was ‘thrilled’ with the new partnership.

“Working with 1WorldSync for the development of GS1net Webforms (an optional front end data loading tool for GS1net suppliers) to enhance the GS1net user experience allowed us to become confident with the features of the 1WorldSync platform, and the extended benefits their total solutions would offer our data pool user base,”

“We are pleased to have successfully appointed 1WorldSync, the world’s largest GDSN data pool solution provider, as our technology provider to take us into the next generation of our GDSN data pool operations with a tailored version of their software for our current GS1net architecture,” she said.

CEO of 1WorldSync, Nihat Arkan said, “1WorldSync considers this decision a milestone in further growing our footprint in Asia Pacific. Particularly working with an experienced partner like GS1 Australia in the region and with new, dedicated, Data Centre facilities deployed in Australia and Japan, it will allow for 1WorldSync to provide organisations with real-time high performance access to trading partners worldwide.”

The new 1WorldSync tailored GDSN solution is said to take the GS1net user base well into the future by providing suppliers and data recipients with greater functionality and usability.

The first phase of the deployment will involve migrating over 70 data recipients between February and October 2015 and the second phase will see the migration of all suppliers to the new infrastructure in November 2015.

Palazzolo said that the migration of the data recipients will have no impact or disruption to the user base.

“We are thrilled with our new partnership and multi-year agreement with 1WorldSync and look forward to providing our supply chain community with a new generation of data synchronisation,” she said.


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