GS1 joins The Sustainability Consortium

Supply chain standards organisation, GS1, has officially announced its membership with The Sustainability Consortium (TSC)–  an independent, global organisation that works to build a scientific foundation to drive consumer product sustainability innovation.

The membership marks a logical step for GS1, as the organisation also recently released its Global Protocol for Packaging Sustainability Standard which includes over 40 environmental, economic and social indicators for packaging sustainability.

GS1 will provide valuable insights in the Retail and Measurement Science Consortium Working Groups within TSC by contributing to the communication of information throughout the supply chain, as well as to suppliers.

The membership will also give GS1 the opportunity to participate in the seven other sector working groups within TSC including food, beverage and agriculture.

Marcel Sieira, GS1 Australia’s general manager – industry engagement said GS1 is committed to supporting the drive for sustainable consumption and production.

 “We are looking forward to participating in the working groups to ensure that sustainability best practices and measures can be easily converted into global standards. This will ensure that sustainability data on products, packaging and services can be exchanged electronically between business partners using business solutions and service based on GS1’s open, global standards,” said Mr Sieira.

"We are delighted to welcome GS1 to The Sustainability Consortium. Having the knowledge and experience of GS1 within our working groups will enhance our conversations around things like food waste and product data exchange. Members such as GS1 are invaluable to our system and process," said Kelly Unger, member manager at The Sustainability Consortium.


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