Guiding agribusiness and aquaculture in the NT

agribusiness and aquaculture

Citizens in the Northern Territory have been invited by the state government to guide the future of its agribusiness and aquaculture sectors via a public consultation, now open for comment. 

The NT government has spent the past several months engaging with industry and key stakeholders to develop strategic priorities for public feedback.

“Our agriculture and aquaculture sectors are priority growth industries for the Territory government because they create hundreds of ongoing jobs and continue to boost our economy,” NT minister for Agribusiness and Aquaculture, Nicole Manison said. 

“We are serious about getting on with the job of growing our economy to $40 billion by 2030, and this new Agribusiness and Aquaculture strategy is an integral part of that.” 

These draft strategic priorities were developed with land councils and industry and aim to form a clear, co-designed, whole-of-sector strategic plan for agribusiness and aquaculture that drives economic growth and identifies synergies for further collaboration. 

“We have been working on a collaborative, whole-of-sector strategy since the release of the TERC Final Report,” Manison said. 

“This strategy will outline how we will continue to grow the Territory’s agribusiness and aquaculture industries to 2030 and beyond.” 

More work is underway concurrently with land councils and industry to identify specific actions. 

The strategic priorities “have your say” process is open for public feedback for 5 weeks, closing at 5pm on Friday 25 February. 

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