Hahn releases Ultra Crisp beer

Hahn has launched Hahn Ultra Crisp – the latest chapter in Hahn’s brewing story.

The product is a full-strength 4.2 per cent ABV, full-flavoured lager that is not only lower carb, 99 per cent sugar free, preservative free… but also gluten free. Created using a ground-breaking multi-million dollar brewing process five years in the making, this lager is brewed from rice, making it appealing to the increasing number of consumers looking for a lighter way to enjoy full strength beer, without compromising on taste.

Endorsed by Coeliac Australia as gluten free and appropriate for those with coeliac disease, all the ingredients in Hahn Ultra Crisp are also naturally gluten free with additional vigorous testing ensuring no traces of gluten are present.

Jeff Potter, Lion’s Brewing Research and Development Director said the design of Hahn Ultra Crisp was driven by demand for great tasting beer that meets the evolving needs of Australian beer drinkers.

“There are some beers out there which use rice as part of the grain mix to balance the flavour, but we are the first in Australia to create a beer that is brewed entirely with rice, instead of grains like wheat or barley. The challenge for us was to work out how to make Hahn Ultra Crisp taste great without using the traditional grains which usually produce the flavours of beer as we know it.

“Once we figured that out, it was a matter of creating the perfect combination with aromatic hops and a specially chosen yeast, and the result is a crisp, dry beer with light citrus aromas and a clean finish that holds its own when it comes to flavour,” Potter said.
Amy Darvill, Lion’s Brand Director for Classic and Contemporary beers said Hahn is excited to continue evolving to meet the needs of the modern beer drinker, and in doing so launching a product which will be truly incremental to the beer category.

“Just as the low carb beers like Hahn Super Dry did over 12 years ago, Hahn Ultra Crisp will change consumer expectations around beer and bring hundreds of thousands of Australians with a gluten intolerance into the beer category.

“Hahn has always been at the forefront of brewing innovation to create products that consumers want, including Hahn Premium, Hahn Premium Light, Hahn Super Dry and Hahn Super Dry 3.5. As much as we love these brands – they were all launched a long time ago. Our drinkers’ needs have changed, and we need to respond to them,” Darvill said.
Hahn Ultra Crisp is available from the 18th February from leading retailers around the country.