Handling system prolongs life of bread crumbs

iBulk has designed and developed a custom process for handling dry bread crumbs to prolong product life.

New Food Coatings needed a way to effectively and efficiently dry their bread crumbs so as to prevent contamination, reduce the likelihood of moulding, and increase product life.

According to iBulk, the unusual nature of the problem meant there was no off-the-shelf fix. The research and development team had to work closely with the client to find the information which would help craft the solution.

The company designs and builds fine particle separation and processing equipment for the solid processing industry. From its research and investigation, it found the core of the solution was to use a fluid bed dryer and a Sweco separator.

The handling systems manufacturer created a fluid bed processing unit in which air or gas would be passed through a bed of particulate matter via a perforated plate, lifting and mixing the solids as required.

Mechanical vibration was then added to the system to continually agitate the breadcrumbs. The solids gained fluid-like properties, maximising exposure to the process air, resulting in higher heat transfer rates and increasing efficiency.

iBulk also designed a process system for milling the crumbs to custom sizes so the end product could be used in a variety of food applications.

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