Harris Farm sells imperfect fruit and veg

Harris Farm buying less than perfect fruits and vegetables from farmers that would otherwise go to waste, and selling it for half price.

The “Imperfect Picks” range aims at using the 25 percent of a harvested crop which goes to waste, mostly because it doesn’t meet strict retail quality specifications.

“We want to start a conversation about Australia’s national food waste crisis and its impact on Australian farmers. It is our hope that through this campaign, we encourage Australians and the big supermarkets to rethink what’s important when buying fruit and vegetables,” Harris Farm Markets’ Tristan Harris said.

In order to create the range, Harris Farm Markets changed their specifications on selected group product lines so that their buying team are making their decisions on the freshness of the new product range and how it tastes, not by how it looks.

John Lloyd, CEO of Horticulture Australia said “when you’ve got such a high proportion of product that’s not acceptable for the supermarket shelves, any company who takes some action to alleviate that and tries to change that situation should be commended.”

The Imperfect Picks range will initially include Packham pears, Navel oranges, Pink Lady apples, bananas, carrots, potatoes, swedes and zucchinis.


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