HealthShare NSW supports National Product Catalogue and Smart Media


HealthShare NSW is reaping the benefits of using the National Product Catalogue (NPC) and Smart Media as a preferred method of managing and exchanging data with trading partners.

The GS1 Australia National Product Catalogue is a single repository of product and pricing data already used widely across healthcare for the purpose of sourcing critical data for procurement, supply chain and clinical use.

GS1 Australia’s Smart Media service is one of the solutions HealthShare NSW use to automatically access authenticated product images and related digital content from their suppliers.

The National Product Catalogue was selected by HealthShare NSW as it met the NSW Health solution criteria for system-to-system access to accurate procurement information directly from data owners.

Smart Media is also referred to as one of the preferred options HealthShare NSW use to manage and share up-to-date digital assets with their trading partners as the integration of this data with the National Product Catalogue avoids duplications.

HealthShare NSW is also implementing the use of the National Product Catalogue for food supplies. It is intended to make NPC compliance mandatory for all food contracts, effective April 2018. This will enable streamlined data validation and synchronisation processes that will result in reduced anomalies in purchasing and accounts payable.

According to Mark Fuller, GS1 Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, implementation of the National Product Catalogue for food supplies will provide our health providers with accurate, trusted data, including nutrition and allergen information, direct from suppliers and brand owners which is essential for patient safety today.

“We are pleased to see HealthShare NSW continuing to be a leader in actively implementing GS1 standards in the Healthcare Sector, providing significant benefits to not only suppliers and purchasers but also patients who will ultimately benefit from the data being provided.”


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