Healthy Grain appoints distributors for non-GMO super-grain, BARLEYmax

The Healthy Grain (THG) company is pleased to announce it has signed agreements for the distribution of the all-natural, nutritionally superior wholegrain, BARLEYmax. MAURI has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) bakery sector, with Scalzo Foods as exclusive distributor for all ANZ non-bakery categories. The Scoular Company has been appointed both exclusive growing and non-exclusive distribution rights for BARLEYmax in the North American market.

BARLEYmax was developed by Australia’s leading research organisation, CSIRO and provides features a market leading 25.5 per cent Total Dietary Fibre (TDF). Additionally, the unique combination of prebiotic fibre found in BARLEYmax is widely known to support good gut health.

Naturally high in fibre, protein and beta-glucan, the all-natural BARLEYmax wholegrain has the potential to help reduce the risk of a variety of major chronic diseases including colorectal cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. BARLEYmax is currently used in health foods such as breakfast cereals, muesli and snack bars, and loaf and flat breads.

THG specialises in commercialising unique, non-GM, nutritionally superior wholegrains with substantiated health-claim benefits. The company has an exclusive portfolio of these grains, protected by patents and trademarks such as BARLEYmax wholegrain and Kebari hulless barley.

Commenting on the appointment of MAURI and Scalzo Food Industries domestically, and Scoular within the North American market, THG CEO Mr. Robert Burbury said ‘We are thrilled to appoint market leading partners in MAURI and Scalzo Foods domestically, and The Scoular Company in the North American market. We know that the technical expertise, product development capabilities and advanced systems in sales, supply chain and logistics that each of these partners to The Healthy Grain provide will ensure that BARLEYmax is made widely accessible within our Australian market, and internationally. Our appointment of MAURI, Scalzo Food Industries and Scoular is not only critical to the growth of our business, but also imperative in our mission to improve the health of people globally.”’

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