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Both a refreshment drink with low calories and a carbonated beverage low in sugar but high in minerals, Bionade has been labelled ‘the perfect beverage’ by retailers and consumers across Europe. It was recently awarded the prestigious ‘Beverage of the Year’ at the’s Best of 2007 awards.

Bionade is the latest evolution in high-end refreshment drinks, taking elements of soft drinks, sports drinks and mineral water to create a unique combination of natural ingredients that has caused a stir throughout Europe and the USA.

It is a non-alcoholic drink created with a fermentation process similar to beer and is purely organic without any additives. On top of that, it is a low sugar, carbonated beverage. While it is similar to lemonade, Bionade is fundamentally different because it is made from scratch through a completely organic process by the fermentation of water and malt.

With its uniqueness, it has established a new beverage class of its own, with wellness and fitness qualities associated with its high natural minerals in the form of calcium, magnesium, natural fruit and herbal essences. In addition to this, Bionade is gluten-free, has an attractive longneck bottle and comes in a set of four flavours — Lychee, Ginger and Orange, Elderberry and Herbs.

Hitting shelves in selected outlets and clubs around the Australia in March, Bionade was developed in a quiet German town in northern Bavaria. It has been brought to Australia by Dieter Wittmann, Managing Director of Jolly Products P/L in QLD, because of the uniqueness and huge success of the drink in Europe.

“Bionade is the hip drink in Europe’s best restaurants and night clubs because of its great taste and health qualities for people from 7 to 70,” said Wittmann. “But, best of all, it is also the perfect drink for children, as it is completely natural, without any artificial additives and very low in sugar.

“It started out as a completely idealistic product, but it ticks so many boxes that it has achieved everything we had hoped for, and more,” he added.

“Bionade is the most sought-after drink in Europe and it’s sure to take the Australian market by storm,” Wittmann added.

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