Healthy snacks, healthy profits with Cryovac brand FAS SPrint Revolution High-Speed Bag and Pouch system

According to IBIS world, revenue for the fruit and vegetable processing industry is expected to increase, as domestic consumers are eating-in more.

While frozen and canned products are particularly popular due to their nonperishable nature, consumers often perceive that fresh is healthier than frozen, and as such the industry is responding with value-added options such as convenient products that can be consumed on the go.

For healthy dry snack foods, the industry’s high profit margins are likely to be attractive for new entrants.

This increases the potential for market saturation and competition, making it harder to achieve your growth and revenue KPI’s.

While the future for healthy snacking is optimistic, you need to be prepared. Short term fixes might help you meet the demands of today, but will they support your future goals for growth and profits as the landscape changes?

Preparing for growth

Sealed Air’s director of systems, integration and automation, Regan Roberts, says operational efficiency and a focus on driving lower operational costs are important across all sectors.

Investment in capital and production efficiency is essential to enable this, but sometimes the cost of setting up a facility could be a barrier to entry or limit opportunities for expansion; therefore the correct equipment selection is vital.

Beyond efficiency and speed, sanitary designs that enable and efficient daily wash down should be a key consideration in your purchasing choice.

You should also look out for other features such as simple use, intuitive interfaces which employees can use. Solutions should help you work smarter through platforms that enable you to increase your operational efficiency, thus maximising your profits.

Respond with flexibility, efficiency, and reliability

Cryovac brand FAS SPrint Revolution high-speed bag and pouch system delivers speed, flexibility, efficiency and reliability to your packaging process.

Showcasing unmatched flexibility to run both stand-up pouches and regular poly bags interchangeably, this state-of-the-art packaging system offers three modes of operation including intermittent, continuous, or batching, operating at speeds up to 150 packs per minute.

Its highly flexible design accommodates one or more operators or infeeds, and a wide variety of products and bag sizes. By presenting a conveyor of pre-opened bags that are staged for immediate loading, this pouch system eliminates the lost time and labour costs associated with manual bag opening and loading used in manual packaging operations.

Comprising corrosion resistant stainless steel, it’s 1.5m wide load area features a 15cm pass-through, and tilts vertically for easy maintenance and efficient daily sanitation.

“Food safety is non-negotiable. In addition to in-plant hygiene, your product needs protect,” said Roberts.

“The system’s advanced sealing system ensures consistent, high-quality, airtight bag seals, keeping products fresh and free from external contamination.”

Respond with quality and a premium brand experience

With competition likely to soar in the healthy snacking category, the right quality and branding helps to secure supermarket shelf space.

This is especially important as supermarkets grow their own portfolio of private-label products. Cryovac brand SidePouch pre-made bags are system-matched for optimum performance, and offer a variety of value-added features, such as reclosable zipper, resealable flaps, and tamper-evident perforations, features that drive safety, convenience and allow consumers to reduce household waste.

Comprising up to 10 colours and available in matte finishes, the range of SidePouch pre-made bags are designed to deliver a premium and quality package that gets noticed.

The future of healthy snacking is optimistic, but you need to be prepared. And now you can.

You can book to see a demonstration of Cryovac brands FAS SPrint Revolution High-Speed Bag and Pouch System here.


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