Heat and Control secures form-fill-seal distributor partnership

Heat and Control has announced an exclusive distributor partnership agreement with Volpak, a brand of horizontal form-fill-seal solutions for the flexible pouch packaging industry.

Volpak offers a wide range of horizontal form-fill-seal pouches and sachets for the food, beverage and dairy industries, including flat pouches, stand up pouches, single and twin, strings and cooking bags.  They can be used for both solid and liquid applications such as sauces, tomato, salad, dressings, bakery and confectionery.

Known for their reliability and robustness, the Volpak range of solutions has been designed for safety, functionality, hygiene and accessibility, and are perfect for a start-up company looking for an economical form fill solution.

The horizontal form filling seal machines for pouching come in a range of models to suit any size business, like the SL110, which can produce up to 160 pouches a minute.

The new SI-440 horizontal pouching machine is the result of the company’s intense R&D work and incorporates multiple innovations across both electronics and controls, making it one of the most flexible and versatile horizontal machines in the packaging market today. The SI-440 adapts perfectly to various situations, from projects requiring a large production of small and medium sized formats, (from ¼ litre with production up to 200/sachets per minute) to projects that require large format packaging (up to 2 litres, liquid or solid products).

The range of Horizontal form-fill-seal solutions from Volpak adds to Heat and Control’s already large portfolio of packaging equipment for the food industry further enabling Heat and Control to be a sole provider of turnkey integrated machinery solutions. The focus is to provide a partnership that supports the customers business model with total cost of ownership solutions, giving a return of investment that allows for those nontangible costs that are often forgotten.


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