Heavy duty horizontal slicers are needed to keep up with the demand for meat


As Australians continue to buy meat at increasing rates many companies need greater equipment to stay in step with the market. 

Meat consumption in Australia continues to grow with poultry easily proving to be the preferred choice of consumers 

Keeping up with the processing of poultry in Australia can be a challenging taskespecially when it comes to the hiring of quality and reliable staff 

More time is being spent preparing poultry for filleting, butterflying for schnitzels, or other further processing and the pressures of hiring and keeping skilled staff is constant 

In response to this, EBAKi has a range of horizontal filleting machines which can fillet, portion slice and butterfly meat and poultry for butchers, medium size processors and large poultry plants 

EBAKi provides a range of quality and reliable machines which are finally easing the pressures of consumer demands on businesses.

Over the past decade large poultry facilities have invested in EBAKi, with the EBAKi 3 being the model of choice for speed and efficiency.  

The slicer can fillet up to 6,000kg per hour. Where each lane can be set up to the different specifications required. Businesses are saving time and yield in their further processing lines.  

The range of horizontal slicers offered by EBAKi are designed to meet the growing market demand for meat.

For boneless raw or cooked product, each line can be set up for the business’s specification. One line can be set up for filleting, with thickness ranging from 3.5mm, while another set up for butterflying.  

Also, EBAKi slicers have upper and lower conveyor belts which holds and flattens the product during the cutting, ensuring accuracy and minimal wastage and deletes the need for a separate flattening machine beforehand. And, by taking the cutting heads out, an EBAKi can be used as a flattener only. 

Lumix Procut now stock the EBAKi mini, for butcher shops and small processing facilities. A single lane unit that can process up to 400kg per hour, with adjustable thickness and a separate butterflying knife.  

The EBAKi mini offers the same cutting process and is also mobile. With stainless steel castors, you able to position it a required. With the increase of chicken being consumed only continuing as the most common protein to prepare and cook. The EBAKi mini allows you to prepare your chicken breast fillets and schnitzels in in a sixth of the time as your best filleter. 

Lumix Procut recently sold and EBAKi mini to a butcher who relied on a lot of labour to meet his customer’s needs. 

Due to the unreliability and inconsistency of workers and continued increase of product requiring further processing, this business owner was desperate for a solution. He required 2 skilled staff to spend up-to 4 hours a day hand filleting and slicing chicken for steaks and chicken schnitzel prep.  

After investing in and EBAKi mini – which can fillet up to 400kg an hour – his stress on relying on skilled staff was reduced. The preparation is now done by an unskilled worker, and he is saving more than 6 hours in manual labour per day.  

Manufactured in Spain, EBAKi has been distributed around the world for the past 10 years with a proven track record in the poultry industry. Ebaki has partnered with Procut in Australia for the same period and continues to work and grow with Lumix Procut as the demand for their machines grow.  

Lumix Procut not only import and distribute EBAKI in Australia but also have a technical team to provide after sales care, service, and spare parts, to ensure that the machine continues to meet and exceed the expectations of the current users.   


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