Heilala ground vanilla powder

Product name: Ground Vanilla Powder

Product manufacturer: Heilala Vanilla

Ingredients: 100 percent Heilala Vanilla Beans

Shelf life: Two years plus best before

Packaging: 25gm glass jar, 100gm and 250gm vacum pack

Product manager: Nicole Carr

Brand website: https://www.heilalavanilla.com.au

What the company says
Made from 100 percent pure vanilla beans, Heilala Vanilla ground vanilla powder is free from artificial colours, flavours, buffers, additives, sugar and is gluten-free.

The product is made by drying and grinding Heilala Vanilla beans into a fine powder making it the purest and most natural form of vanilla available in the range. Two grams of the ground vanilla powder is equivalent to one Heilala Vanilla bean.

Highly versatile and perfect to use in baking, desserts, hot and cold beverages, seasonings and rubs.


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