Heineken Cube Concept Looks like Milk Carton for Grown Ups

We tend to be a little wary of drinks in boxes – cask wine suffers an enduringly poor reputation, breakfast shakes another sign of the spare time we don’t have and juice boxes are the stuff of kid’s playgrounds.

So when word got out that Heineken has developed a concept called the Heineken Cube, accompanied by pictures that show a man drinking from what could be a green-glass milk carton, people were understandably a bit confused.

The Cube, which is still in concept phase, is designed to be more efficient and economical than regular bottles.  The idea is that the cube shape is easier to stack, pack and more practical for travelling, both from distributer to store and in the consumers own home.

Interestingly, the design – created by French industrial designer Petit Roman – isn’t all that new and is inspired by an earlier rectangular-shaped Heineken bottle developed by the Dutch brand in 1963, which was intended to be recycled and used in construction, ‘the house that Heineken built’.

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