Heineken launches new packaging design

Global beer brand Heineken have launched a new contemporary packaging design across its consumer six pack, and 24 pack varieties.

The new packaging features the brand’s iconic red star as a prominent feature on the front of each carton, symbolling quality and style, while maintaining Heineken’s status as a progressive and premium international beverage.

The new design enables consumers to instantly recognise the brand, serving as a powerful tool for fast purchase decisions.

Nada Steel, marketing manager at Heineken Lion Australia said that the brand’s new packaging design has been created to further stand out in a competitive marketplace.

“Our packaging design has evolved to provide a premium eye-catching product to ensure Heineken stands out amongst a competitive market.”

“The average shopper is spending 30 seconds in the cool-room. With Heineken’s new packaging design instantly standing out, we hope to deliver superior basket size and increased margin for our retailers.” 



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