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Heinz shakes up the freezer with the launch of Heinz One Pan

Heinz One Pan

The new Heinz One Pan range is shaking up the frozen aisle. Heinz have launched the ultimate hack for Aussies looking to make cooking easy, whipping up delicious dishes in just 10 or 11 minutes.

Aussie’s can now skip the prep and create delicious, vegetarian friendly dishes for two. HEINZ ONE PAN makes traditionally time-consuming meals like risotto and paella quicker than cooking from scratch or even ordering through typical food delivery services.

The range brings excitement to the freezer, with modern recipes and bold seasonings that deliver mouth-watering, flavourful dishes. No additional ingredients are needed – simply pour into a pan, heat and experience the incredible aromas and flavours come to life!

The delicious, time-saving range is available in three varieties:

  • Heinz One Pan Italian Style Risotto
  • Heinz One Pan Spanish Style Veg Paella
  • Heinz One Pan Moroccan Style Couscous

“We’re excited to shake up the frozen category with our new pan-cook range that provides Aussie’s a helping hand in the kitchen – making quick, no-prep, no-mess dishes such as paella and risotto that typically take lots of time to prepare at home,” said Rebecca Preston, chief marketing officer at Heinz Australia

“They’re perfect for weeknight after work dinners and cooking to impress a guest, all you need is a pan!

“Covid and lockdowns led to consumers seeking more convenience with food – whether that be with food hacks or the increased popularity of food delivery services. We’re also seeing that tomorrow’s consumers are looking beyond one-serve, tray-based, microwave meals. They want time saving solutions that involve them in the cooking process.

“Heinz One Pan taps into these trends, bringing our modern, convenient solution that helps consumers bring to life their favourite cuisines in less time than ordering online. We’re excited to bring a two-serve, vegetarian-friendly frozen range that helps cut down time in the kitchen, while still delivering on quality, texture and flavour!”

With the movement towards more flexitarian eating, our Heinz One Pan vegetarian-friendly products contain flavoursome vegetables and grains and can be enjoyed as is.  Alternatively, the dishes can be customised for any meal occasion by adding your favourite protein, such as grilled chicken to our risotto or pan seared prawns to our veg paella!

Heinz One Pan products each include a serving of vegetables per serve, with no additional oil or seasoning needed, it’s as simple as pouring it into a non-stick pan and cooking for only 10-11 minutes.  Each product serving also contains a source of protein and fibre.

Heinz One Pan is $10 RRP (each bag serves two), available now in Independent Grocers and Woolworths.

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