Hello pork pie

Pork is now the cheapest meat in New Zealand, according to a survey across 12 stores in the Auckland and Waikato regions and published in the NZ Food Daily.

“We’ve achieved the unenviable position of being the cheapest meat in the cabinet,” says New Zealand Pork CEO, Sam McIvor.

In mid-April New Zealand Pork carried out a detailed survey of meat retail prices across 28 cuts of meat in 12 stores including Woolworths (in-store and online), Foodtown, New World, The Mad Butcher, Countdown, Pak’n’Save, Warehouse Mega and Meat Cuisine online.

“We compared everyday prices, across equivalent cuts, for the four main meats — pork, beef, lamb and chicken,” said McIvor.

The analysis shows the following:

· Trim PorkTM — Mince on average $1/kg cheaper than the premium beef equivalent;

· Chops — pork were roughly $3/kg cheaper than lamb;

· Roasts — generally sold on special and pork is about 70c/kg less than chicken and about $2/kg less than lamb;

· Steaks — pork was on average $2/kg less than boneless chicken breast and $4/kg less than lamb and on par with beef;

· Stir fry — pork about $2/kg less than beef and $3-4/kg less than chicken;

· Diced — pork tended to be cheaper than beef and lamb by roughly $3/kg and about $6/kg less than chicken.

“We’ve discussed these results with other retailers around the country and they backed up our analysis. Pork is now the cheapest meat available, and a saviour for the currently stretched household food budget.

“While pork is the world’s most consumed meat, for many New Zealanders, it will be a new meat on the weekly menu,” said McIvor.

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