Herb & Chilli Festival showcasing cultural diversity through flavour and spice

Celebrating multicultural cuisine through the exotic flavours of food, the Herb and Chilli Festival is back better than ever for another year of spice, flavour and fun.

Located in the picturesque Yarra Valley on March 18 & 19, the event founded and organised by nursery owners Di and Clive Larkman is perfect for those who are passionate about all things herb and spice.

The Herb and Chilli Festival is a space open for all that wish to immerse themselves in the world of spice and discover the many unique flavours and cultures from around the world.

Let your taste buds explore over 20 different cuisines through eating competitions, cooking demonstrations and entertainment for all ages.

Exploring all food possibilities, the weekend’s busy schedule is filled with cultural and food driven events, some including a cooking class run by a surprise celebrity chef, deep south blues music performed by Steve Boyd’s Rum Reverie and the wildly popular Stinger Wing Challenge!

With a lifelong passion for herbs and chilli, nursery operators Di and Clive Larkman, along with their family, celebrate flavour through food on this weekend long festival each year, sharing their love for the spice world with the community of Melbourne.

Now in its 11th year of operating, The Herb & Chilli Festival is renowned for showcasing their love for herbs and chilli with over 80 different stalls and events across the two-day long festival.

The Larkmans encourage festival goers to get outside their comfort zone and experiment with unique flavours and cultures on show from across the globe ranging from Mexico, Turkey, India, South America and many more.

Festival attendees can test their taste buds with a range of explosive flavour filled international products and dishes such as the chilli wine from Disaster Bay Chilli, Grumpy Gary’s Rim Reaper sauces that’ll set fire to one’s mouth, tantalising wood smoked meats from Zuya African BBQ – not for the faint hearted and Blonde Chilli, Australia’s largest premium hot sauce distributor, dishing out their famous Death sauce, known to be one of the hottest in the world.

The Herb & Chilli Festival doesn’t just stop at food with festival goers encouraged to take part in their many challenges across the weekend such as The Stinger Wing eating race, a USA inspired contest consisting of trying to survive eating five super hot wings coated in throat numbing hot sauce.

Or, The Shot n Holler competition, great for those who love booze with a side of spice, contestants are required to down a shot of tequila combined with a side of spicy hot sauce. Once shot, contestants must then try and holler as loud as they can, making for one of the most hilarious competitions to watch and take part in over the weekend-long festival.

The creme de la creme of the weekend being the battle to be this year’s Captain Chilli competition.

Contestants will fight their way through three heats of consuming a range of chilli’s starting from mild to eye watering pain level.

The competition will separate the weak from the strong with entrant’s stamina being put to the test in the hopes to make the finals on the Sunday afternoon to be named this year’s reigning Captain Chilli.

Continuing with the chilli theme, and in anticipation for International Chilli Day on February 23, The Herb & Chilli Festival pays homage to this historic day, with an annual chilli con carne cook off, the event being a perfect fit for entrants proficient in the world of chilli cooking.

Participants can enter here.

Keeping a focus on diversity and multiculturalism by showcasing talent from across the globe, a day at The Herb & Chilli Festival also includes music and live entertainment. The festival dedicates an entire stage to displaying Mexican Wrestling and an authentic New Orleans inspired nine piece band, Steve Boyd’s Rum Reverie plus many more.

This foodie, family and pet friendly event has quickly become a must visit, promoting their desire to keep the festival as diverse as possible by being an all-inclusive environment.

The Herb & Chilli Festival offers accessibility for seniors and people with disabilities as well as pony rides, an animal farm and face painting for the kids.

The Larkmans have made getting to and from this year’s festival easier than ever with the introduction of the festival’s very own Chilli Express Bus.

The bus will be completing trips from Lilydale Station every half hour from 9.30am-4.30pm and returning on the hour from 10.00am to 5.00pm. Tickets are $10 return and can be bought online in conjunction with a festival ticket.

Tickets for the event are $27 for adults and kids under 14 are free. Ensuring you keep your Valentines day spicier than ever before.

The Herb and Chilli Festival is offering a Valentines Day couples pass for a discounted rate of $50 for tickets purchased between February 7 & 14. To feel and look the part, purchase tickets online and receive a free Herb & Chilli Hat on arrival.

For the perfect foodie’s weekend in Victoria let the Herb & Chilli Festival blow your socks off this year!

For more information and to purchase entry or bus tickets, visit


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