High five for healthy Five

As a delicacy with relative affordability and universal appeal, ice cream is one of the products that can serves as a barometer of the times.

Accordingly, the next trend could be: Simplicity.

If America’s newly launched Häagen-Dazs Five line is any indication, that is.

Häagen-Dazs Five is a new, all-natural ice cream crafted with only five ingredients: skim milk, cream, sugar, egg yolks and natural flavouring.

Available in mint, ginger, coffee, vanilla bean, passion fruit, brown sugar and milk chocolate, the Five line also includes less fat than Häagen-Dazs’s other ice creams, said the company.

Pricing is roughly US$7 (AU$11) per pint.

Pure, natural, simple — in today’s ailing economic climate, such adjectives hold a nostalgic appeal.

While everyday consumers may not be able to afford the big luxuries, at least there’s still good, old-fashioned ice cream.

— Springwise

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