High-performance chilling delivers top-shelf benefits

The LIXshooter solution offers significant benefits for food processors.

For Australian food processors, technology is rapidly changing. When making investments across the manufacturing line, there is a balance between improving productivity, and maintaining product quality. Food & Beverage Industry News reports.

With high inflation costs and pressures on supply chains impacting the way many businesses operate, now is a good time to review food chilling processes
and equipment. 

BOC, a Linde company, offers a range of Linde’s leading chilling technology to make large scale food manufacturing more productive.

As a pioneer of “bottom injection” chilling technology, Linde has been helping to make food processing more effective and efficient for decades. The evolution of this technology has now delivered a new solution that is providing high-performance chilling for Australian food manufacturers. 

Linde’s ACCU-CHILL LX LIXshooter offers a fresh take on tried and tested Linde technology, drawing on decades of engineering innovation – and is now a preferred chilling solution for food processors right through to large-scale food manufacturing.  


Strict temperature control is critical to ensuring products are the best quality possible. The LIXshooter’s bottom injection chilling process involves cryogenic coolants being injected into the bottom of the mixer, directly cooling the food ingredients rapidly and precisely. The homogenous cooling applied using liquid coolants allows for even and controlled chilling all over the food product, taking the care needed to deliver consistent temperature control for each batch.

Cost-efficiency remains a pivotal business goal for every company, and with demanding market conditions, you need to be able to rely on dependable technology you can trust. The even and rapid cooling from a LIXshooter offers more than just assurances that your products are systemically and consistently chilled. Less chilling time directly translates to higher production rates as turnaround times are significantly decreased, allowing higher output without any decreases to quality. Consistency in chilling allows for tighter weight control with formed products resulting in minimised wastage and higher yields.

The LIXshooter offers your business protection from potential costs associated with slow production. Cryogen chilling with Linde is reliable, safe and will work towards making your business as efficient as possible without infringing on quality.

Easily adaptable to current models

One of the key benefits of LIXshooter is its ability to be retrofitted onto existing food chilling systems to offer dual chilling methods via carbon dioxide or nitrogen. Carbon dioxide shortages have been increasingly common in recent years, resulting in unpredictable delivery and high import costs. The LIXshooter nozzle allows for nitrogen cooling as a cryogenic chilling solution. With minor modifications you can continue production with either method. Most nozzles available in the market are manufactured with only carbon dioxide chilling in mind and are unsuitable for nitrogen use.  

Linde’s patented LIXshooter offers consistent and proven results every time, providing homogenous cooling throughout the entire product and working with you to ensure your products are high quality and exactly how you envisioned them to be.

The LIXshooter is designed to be a completely turnkey package. Sit back and let some of our expert technicians install our nozzle to your existing system and watch the magic happen. The highly retrofitted nature of the LIXshooter means it can be easily installed in most existing systems, allowing the seamless transition to dual cryogenic chilling by either carbon dioxide or nitrogen.


Businesses need technology as versatile as they are. The LIXshooter’s cooling technique is adaptable to a range of food groups: poultry, meat and the increasingly popular plant-based food products. 

From chicken nuggets to faux meat, the LIXshooter offers consistent and rapid chilling no matter the source. Linde’s cryogenic freezing is one of the best possible options to support your business in producing high-quality product for your customers.


Rest easy knowing your products are being chilled with food safety at top of mind. The stainless steel, single-orifice, positive shut-off design is manufactured to prevent particles re-entering the nozzle, avoiding bacteria growth and ensuring your product remains a high-quality
food grade.

Bacteria is known to grow in warm environments. The LIXshooter eliminates the potential for this by helping to create an unhospitable environment for bacteria to grow and ruin your products. 

Get in touch to review your food processes 

Linde’s long-standing status in the food and beverage industry is in place for a reason: our high-quality technology has been tried and tested to offer customers the most efficient, productive chilling services in the market. Our patented chilling system is market-leading for
a reason. 

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