Highly adaptable vacuum solution for processing plants

Vacuum technology remains a key requirement for plants around the globe. Whether a business operates in the packaging, pharmaceutical, food or printing industries, the need for efficient, highly adaptable vacuum solutions is still on the priority list.

SMC’s latest vacuum pads are designed for optimum absorbing performance and efficient handling. The ZP3P series features a blue-coloured, silicone rubber pad to prevent wrinkles and is compliant with FDA requirements.

According to Rodney Ryan, SMC state manager Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, the ZP3P series is good for product handing.

“It is equipped with a thin, soft pad skirt for a strong grip and reduced leakage,” he said. “This makes it ideal for thin workpieces that generally deform during adsorption.”

The product is designed for delicate operations such as the handling of vinyl and film. “Thanks to the flat shape of the vacuum pad (with a central stopper), it prevents wrinkles and damage to the product and provides the customer with better quality packaging,” said Ryan.

The vacuum pad is made from FDA-complaint silicone rubber and is suited to stringent applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. “The blue colour can also be spotted easily during contamination inspections and this is a big selling point for customers operating in these environments,” said Ryan.

As a welcome addition to the family, SMC recently released a new fluoro blue bellow option, the ZP3P-JT series.

“The flat-style vacuum pad is suitable for the handling of soft film, paper or foil packages and sheets, while the new bellow style allows for absorption of a bigger range of bags shapes and pouches filled with food stuff. In both cases, the unique ribs design provides a fast and secure grip,”
said Ryan.

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