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Ho Mai launches new entertaining range

Ho Mai by Makmur Enterprise has released a new entertainment range for food lovers to feast like Emperors all year round.

Ho Mai announced the new range brinsg beloved and traditional Cantonese favourite to the home, with tasty and convenient offerings to make banqueting, fun and affordable.

All packs are RRP $7 and the entire Ho Mai Range is quick to prepare, with individual having the choice to deep fry, air fry or oven bake!

The matriarch of the Makmur Group, Elly Meriati Tjangdjaja  known as Grandma Elly, creates all the Makmur ranges from original recipes.

The latest offerings to the entertainment range includes:

  • Prawn Money Bags;
  • Sesame Prawn Toast;
  • Asian Dessert Bites;
  • Vegetable Tempura  and;
  • Potato Puff Pastry

Ho Mai is available in Woolworths Nationally.

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