Horse meat discovered in UK lasagnes

The controversy surrounding horse meat and the labelling of meat products in Europe continues, with frozen food company Findus recalling its lasagne meals earlier this week.

Some beef lasagne products have been recalled by the company after French supplier Comigel raised concerns the products didn't "conform to specification", reports stuff.co.nz.

Eighteen lasagne products were tested with 11 found to be containing horse meat in the range of 60 to 100 percent, although the Food Standards Agency refused to state if any of the meals were 100 percent horse meat.

Tests have been ordered on the products to see if they contain the veterinary drug phenylbutazone. Meat from animals treated with the drug cannot enter the food chain as it may pose a risk to human health.

People who have purchased the meals are being advised to return them to the place of purchase.

Just last month Tesco stores in Britain and Ireland pulled its brand of burgers from the shelves after authorities discovered they contained roughly 30 percent horse meat.

While horse meat isn't seen as a health risk, the recent incidents have upset the public in Britain and Ireland, where the meat isn't traditionally eaten. It has also raised fears over food security and labelling.

Alan Reilly, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland's chief executive, said "In Ireland, it is not in our culture to eat horse meat and therefore, we do not expect to find it in a burger.

"Likewise, for some religious groups or people who abstain from eating pig meat, the presence of traces of pig DNA is unacceptable."


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